Meet Kelly Riggs, intrepid Scotland Yard detective, set in an offbeat 1930’s London. Walker’s award-winning illustrative powers conjure a world that is a posh mashup of vintage film, pulp fiction, and steampunk. As “Blood Red Stars” opens we learn of the theft of the legendary rubies, and a murder soon follows. Riggs and his young cohorts Michael, Mandy and Jen Prescott, along with Sergeant Bellows and the beautiful Brendalynn Welles set out to solve the murder, and discover the curse of the Blood Red Stars. 

New Cover for BLOOD RED STARSLondon Underground PosterThe Good Guys in BLOOD RED STARSThe Villains in BLLOD RED STARSKelly Riggs in Piccadilly CircusBuskers in St James's SquareGang MeetingKelly Riggs and the Kids On the Case!Riggs Teaches a LessonBoss Stilton's LairThe Premiere of "Omelet" The Chase for Tex in the Derby-DasherBoss Stilton and The BabeThe Black WidowKelly Riggs "The Case of the Blood Red Stars" Original Cover ArtEdge of the World, New CoverBlack Rock Island, and he Roundhouse InnCaptain Blackjack and the PiratesThe man threw his flaming head into the sea!Death!The legend of the Sea GhostThe fight in the stormThe SeanceLand's End