Travel Portraits and Sketches from London, Berlin, New York, Seattle and Hawaii. Beauty in Black at the V&AA Winter MuseBraids-CurlsGreat FaceIsland GirlLes Femmes with Shoulders BareModern Fashion PortraitGirl in Pink at Selfridge'sChocolate Bars and Mini SkirtsOh, No! He Shoud've Been and Actor, Not a Stockbroker!She Thought She Needed Help-But She Didn't!Girl @the Tate RestaurantThe Yellow ScarfThe Man with the Braided Beard at the TateSwinging Sixties Photo Exhibit National Portrait Gallery LondonSmokin' on the Kur'damm BerlinSketch Crawl 1 Roosevelt BarSketch Crawl 2 You Talkin' to Me?Sketch Crawl 4 Ronnie Del Carmen in His Famous Sketching PoselSketch Crawl 5 Patron at Katz' DeliSketch Crawl 3 The Perfect ModelSketch Crawl 6 SoloScene at Ivar's Restaurant, SeattleScene at Ivar's Restaurant, Seattle-Detail 1Scene at Ivar's Restaurant, Seattle-Detail 2Street Musician SeattleMother, Daughter OahuVinegarThe Old MasterMask-After GauguinLondon Fashion on the Circle LineText-Smoke BreakM. MustasheDr Stephen Hawking Drawn from Life, London, 2012Line LadyBalloon Portrait Series 1Balloon Portrait Series 2Balloon Portrait Series 3Balloon Portrait Series 4Balloon Portrait Series 5